A Broken Heart

Betrayal at its horrid best. Throwing a perfect life askew and twisting it around.... Pain in its purest form....
Lookin' back on you I find a tear in my eye;
so much pain made me just cry and cry
'cause everyday I really tried and tried
to make it work out with you by my side.

Now I know it was all a cruel lie
and it's unclear to whom I may confide.
Now you're gone and I want to die.
Let me drift away in the tides of time.

You healed my past and my trust inside
was given to you...

N_0w I zTaND Al0n3...

NO__w mY L1f_3 iZ oV+ oF oRD3r....


& T#3 oN3 th1Nq I +RvzT3D


I ask myself, "Why me, OH WHY?!?!"
It's as if love is some horrid crime,
because I seem to get hurt every try.
I've just been drifting down, passin' by,

leading some painful, lonely life...
maybe true love will never be mine.
My soul trapped in darkness divine
and my heart cut again, a perfect line.

We weren't for each other, you and I?
Maybe I should look to it as a sign,
a sign to just move on in this life...
just stop tryin' to live love's lie
and drift away in the sands of time.....
Published: 8/18/2007
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