A Change of Heart

If you've felt the need to explain the difference between being religious and being a Christian, I know how you feel. I prefer, desire and strive to be called a Christian, a child of the Most High God. Enjoy!
I was told once, a person cannot change who he is,
And believe it or not I actually agree,
I've seen grown men die as boys,
And girls who never learned how to become women.

It's true that no man can change himself,
But when man recognizes, he needs to change,
He seeks the one thing that can change us all,
A relationship with our wonderful Creator.

I read once in the Book of Truth,
That whoever is in Christ, is a new man,
A man who no longer has the spirit of the world,
But a changed man who has now the spirit of God.

It is true that a person,
Cannot change who he is,
But the love of God,
Can change anyone who lets Him in.

Out of the abundance of the heart,
The tongue speaks and a man acts,
So a heart that knew only darkness before,
Now filled with the light will be new.

Because a man cannot change himself,
But God can change any man,
It's a choice one makes,
To become a new creature in Christ.

It's love that changes the heart of a man,
Not rules and misguided rituals,
When one makes that choice everyday,
To serve someone greater than him.

I heard it once that a person cannot change,
But I read it once in the Book of Truth,
That any man in Christ, is a new man,
And the spirit of the Father shall dwell in him.
Published: 5/30/2013
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