A Circle of Friends

A sad expression of close friends growing apart.
People see you,
call your name'
come to see you,
all the same.

The only ones,
who understand,
all the fun,
that life demands.

Childhood dreams and silly schemes,
bind us all together,
immature jokes and startled streams,
they will leave us never.

Two of us lead the group,
with sexual innuendo,
we all laugh inside the loop,
but nothing's really meant though.

Good friends,
great times,
but lives end,
between the lines.

Everyone seems,
so well contented,
but in their minds,
they are tormented.

One by one,
they fade away,
here before,
but gone today.

Nothing good,
can last forever,
but our memories,
will leave us never.
Published: 3/5/2010
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