A Cold Night...

He died all alone on a cold night. I am so sorry forgive me.........
When the wind blows I feel you there beside me
At night when I sleep I can feel you walk across my bed
My floor a mess and once was Ur toy chest
Shattered food remains on the floor
My clothing covered head to toe in fur
Inside and out i feel you as if you were still here
My lap is now cold since you left
My heart so heavy and full of pain
There is nothing I wouldn't do to save you
Save you from the cold sleep which holds you
Take you from heaven just to see you again
Today I had the chance to see you once more
But I did not in fear I wouldn't be able to let you go
All I wanted was to hold you in my arms once more
But in my heart I knew you would be cold
The warm life stolen from you, you were so young, so full of life
And god took you away from me
Will this pain go away, I feel bad for wishing it to
My heart is so heavy, full of pain, my face never dry since
I haven't stopped crying since you ran away
Its hurts so bad to know you were right across the street all this time
I never looked there for you
I was told you went the other way
You died right across the street from me
All alone in the dark cold night, while I am here all warm and safe
How can I possible forgive myself for what I have done
You did nothing wrong to me, you were always there for me
You were and still are my best friend, my love my child heart and soul
This bond we share, shall never go away I swear I never will forget you
And I am so sorry for you died all alone in the dark cold night
I would have given anything for you to have died in my arms
My arms would have kept you safe
I am so sorry Dante, for you died all alone I wish I could join you in death
Please Dante forgive me I am so sorry....
I love you Dante please forgive me...

Rest in peace Dante Brown
My love my best friend, my heart and soul
I wish you well in heaven
Born, Jan, 2007 died Sept, 31, 2009
Published: 10/10/2008
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