A Cold Walk in the Snow

Some dark stuff here, enjoy!
I take a walk in the snow,
The cold night covers me like a blanket,
No sound is heard,
The only sound is from my feet,
Only from the blizzard,
Even my heart sits there quietly.

The snow whips me in the face,
I stare straight ahead and keep on walking,
No point in turning back,
I'm the only one out here,
There's no other soul lingering here but mine.

I swallow the cold,
I close my eyes,
A cold hand touches my face,
It's pulling me in,
My heart is slowly coating in white,
Icy and crystal clear, it hands by its threads,
Pure and hard, breakable and weak.

I can't continue,
The hand leaves my cheek,
I feel it on my back,
It feels my lack of strength,
It pushes me straight down,
I let it happen,
I hit the cold snowy ground.

I lay there,
My face pressed against the snow,
I don't move,
I don't make a sound,
I'd rather lay here,
I'd rather not go back.

My pusher chuckles,
A voice so empty and heartless,
I'd know that voice anywhere,
"Just take my soul" I say,
It says, 'no' it's not my time,
Maybe it's not my place.

I get up and I move on forward,
Never turning back,
My night turning into day,
My winter turning into summer,
My sun shining bright.
Published: 2/25/2013
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