A Cruel Dream

A person finds themselves to be dead. But turns out it is just a dream or is it?
The graveyard opens the walkway only to me
Take slow breaths and count to three
Open your eyes
You see what cannot be lies.

Upon the grave is your name
As if I opened the door and death came.

I lay in the grave, motionless as ever
My mind is quite so clever
This has to be a dream, it must not be
Laying in the coffin cannot be me.

My shrieks to anyone cannot be heard
Not even the tiniest word
From my mouth comes out a small, choked cry
Life passes fast and then you die.

This is a dream, I scream!
It is not what it seems
The dreams thrashes
It has turned only to ashes.

I wake up, scared as ever
My mind can be quite so clever
I see I am still in the coffin, I yell for help!
But all I can hear is a helpless yelp.
How is it?
Can be better.
Published: 9/14/2011
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