A Curse for the Price of Love - Chapter 2

A moment alone can end in a lifetime apart.
"You are most beautiful Arya. I often find myself dreaming of your face, even during the day." He spoke the words so boldly that it gave Arya the courage to respond with. "I often find myself dreaming of your face Kishan, and even during the day. I yearn to see your face every day." She spoke the words boldly and watched as his eyes locked onto her lips. She yearned to feel the warmth of his lips upon hers and flushed, ashamed at her thoughts.

"Kishan, we should not do this. It will bring bad things." She whispered as she let her eyes drift towards his eyes. They seemed a deeper shade of blue that night, and she found herself entranced by his gaze. "Kishan..." She breathed and he took a step forward, grabbing her around the waist and tipping her backwards.

"I have wanted to do this for such a long time Arya," he whispered as he leaned down and gently kissed her trembling lips. She melted in his arms and he reluctantly let her go after a moment or two. The clouds began to drift in front of the full moon and Arya shivered as a sudden burst of wind drifted through the trees.

"We should get back to the celebration." She said as she felt a strange aura enter the field. She shivered again and Kishan happily grabbed her around the waist and began to walk back towards the festival. Suddenly, a wall of air blocked their path, Kishan reacted fast, immediately shoving Arya behind him.

"What black magic is this?" He yelled into the eerie forest. A deep rumbling laugh emanated from the depths of the forest. Kishan grabbed Arya's hand and began to run in the opposite direction. A nearly invisible wall surrounded them and Kishan beat against it until his hands began to grow raw. A figure stepped through the barrier with a dark cloak covering his entire body and a hood shading his face, except a large crude scar against a pale face.

"What do you want from us black magic user," Kishan yelled over the distance and the cloaked figure began to chuckle again. Low and menacing, it froze the blood in their veins and Kishan felt his rage begin to build. "You dare mock us? You cannot even show your face, you're a coward!"

The cloaked figure ceased his mocking laugh and bent down to reach for a Midlight flower. "I have no interest to see these two kingdoms joined. You have no siblings to continue the line, so if you two were to suddenly," he paused, "cease to exist. Then the kingdoms will die with your poor, unfortunate parents."

Kishan's heart began to slow at the thought of their two beautiful kingdoms falling into ruins. "You plan to kill us then?" He stated simply as he felt Arya grip his hand tight. He looked over his shoulder at her and wiped away a tear.

"I love you Arya. This is all my fault. If I had not been so... impatient, we could have-"

"Kishan, please. I can't bare to hear you say these words." She looked over at the hooded figure and took a courageous step forward, glaring at the man who would ruin her kingdom.

"What is it that you have against our kingdoms sir. We are a peaceful sort, we have none that are poor and starving. We give our people everything they wish, why are you so unhappy?"

She paused after her speech and he responded by crushing the Midlight in his palm. "You have no idea who I am, do you Arya?"

Arya stiffened at the now recognizable voice. "Lykan, is that you?" She felt the urge to move forward, and Kishan must have sensed it, for he grabbed her around the waist and tugged her backwards.

"Are you two familiar?" He hissed through gritted teeth. "I have no knowledge of a man named Lykan."

Arya began to tremble. "He is the son of another noble line, he too has rare blood flowing through his veins, but his blood is black, just like his insidious heart." She paused before adding. "His offer of my hand was rejected. My parents did not want me to marry this man. His people are cold and constantly at war, whereas we are a peaceful people. I could never be with someone like you Lykan, nor the other way round. You do not love me! You love my vast kingdom and our fertile land. You would bring nothing but war here and I will not see my people suffer for your blood lust!"

Lykan sighed. "You would have made such a beautiful wife. None of the women in my kingdom could compare to you, or the kingdom's surrounding. We could have conquered together Arya, instead you chose to stay in your pretty little fantasy of peace. I am here to break your heart, just like you broke mine."

Kishan moved Arya behind him, but there was nothing he could do to stop what was happening. Lykan began to whisper words swiftly and in a sudden frenzy the Midlights began to glow a deep red. The meadow seemed to come alive, and then the meadow was on fire. Smoke quickly filled the air surrounding them and he began to laugh manically.

"Let them watch as their beloved children are set aflame!" He yelled as he disappeared in a sudden flash of light.

Arya began to choke and ran towards the wall, beating at it with her fists, kicking it with her feet. Kishan followed suit and then people were swarming through the forest. Looks of horror filled their eyes and Kishan and Arya stood banging on the barrier.

"Help us," she screamed at them, but they could not hear. "We are going to die in here Kishan."

Kishan paused at her words and then his gaze traveled towards the magic wielder. He stood at the edge of the barrier, shaking his head. He burned words into the barrier's side.

They read:

I can't break this wall. It is beyond my scope of magic. Something evil created it, it mocks me.

Kishan nodded and grabbed Arya. "Can you not do anything?"

The man sighed and bent down, plucking the single Midlight left unscathed.

Another line of words burned into the walls.

They read:

I will curse you both, either that, or you die. The curse will be breakable in time, but it is the only thing that can break through this barrier. Evil magic made this, so only evil magic can penetrate it. Hold her hand, you will need each other to break this curse. I am sorry prince and princess, now prepare yourselves. Say any last words.

Kishan nodded and turned to Arya, his beloved, his soulmate. Even though the meadow burned around them and the screams of their people could be heard, he smiled at her. At first, she was confused at this, how could he be smiling at a time like this, but then she understood and smiled.

"Kishan, we will break whatever curse we are to be given. I trust you, I love you." She said as she wiped a single tear from his sorrow filled eyes.

"I love you as well Arya, we will do what we must. Promise me that you will never leave me, please."

Arya promised and then they turned towards the wall. They set their hand on the barrier and then the sorcerer sighed and laid his hands on both of theirs.

He began to whisper words and then with a sudden burst of light, electricity coursed through his hands and into their bodies. They gasped at the sensation and fell to the ground. They laid side by side, each of their minds grew dark and fuzzy.

Kishan tried to reach for her, but he could not even lift his hand. Arya tried in vain to whisper she loved him, but it was as if her mouth was sewn shut. Tears of pain rolled down her face and Kishan's heart twisted. Then finally, the darkness engulfed them both and their bodies suddenly disappeared.

The barrier fell and the people fell silent, nothing but sobs filled the air. The man who bewitched them turned and walked through the forest, ashamed that he could not help the people he cherished overall, else.

He had cursed them, he had never laid a curse upon anyone. They would be reincarnated when the Midlights bloomed. Every 100 years, they would unconsciously be drawn towards the area of the blooming, and every 100 years, they would remember what happened this tragic night and try to break the curse before the meadow began to wilt and die. He pitied them, and as he made his way through the forest and towards his simple hut, he tried to come up with a way to help guide them. It was the least he could do.
Published: 9/26/2012
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