A Diamond from Black Dust - Chapter 2

This was me giving into the world; this was me bargaining with the world, if I started a new life, then would the memories of him go away? 10 comments please! *Pic of Oswin*
Chapter Two: Does the World Make Bargains?

"Hi!! Welcome to NYC!! What house?" A perky girl with bright blue eyes and long blonde hair squealed in an overexcited tone of voice. My dad warned me that these girls would be hanging around to welcome all newbies to the college.

I glanced down at the housing letter I got a couple of months ago, "Hogsmeade." I responded with a small smile, this was the house that I was assigned and I would be sharing a room with a girl named Oswin.

The girl gave me a dazzling smile with her pearly white teeth, "Ok, so what you are going to do is go straight down here and then..." She started to say in her overexcited voice but I began to zone out. My eyes wandered over the girl's shoulder to the rest of the campus, it was large, covered with grass and billowing trees, the air smelled fresh. "And you should be set!" The girl's voice snapped me back to reality again.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, thanks." I said quickly, it was a good thing that I already had a look at the map of the campus, so I knew where my house was and I had my key with me to get in the room. I picked up my bags, one in each hand and began to stroll around the campus; it took me about 5 minutes to find my house.

I quickly went in and ran to the elevators since the doors were about to close, then someone in the elevator stuck their hand between the doors and helped me in, "You really shouldn't be walking around campus alone." A masculine voice said as I got in the elevator and set down one of my bags.

I turned around to find myself staring into a pair of stunning sea green eyes, "I am perfectly able to take care of myself." I responded curtly as I nodded at the man (or rather a boy) in front of me.

The boy chuckled slightly like he found me amusing, "A simple thank you would have done." He said in a more relaxed cheerful sort of way.

I do not like you, but you do have the most gorgeous eyes, I thought to myself but to him I said, "I guess you're right, I do owe you a thank you. So, thanks." I tucked a strand of brown hair behind my ear as I spoke and tugged at my sleeve nervously. I hated being around guys for too long, it reminded me too much of him.

He smiled looking at me curiously, like I was a puzzle he was trying to put together, "I'm on the next floor up." He said still looking at me somewhat wistfully as he stuck out his hand.

I hesitantly took his hand and immediately gasped from his touch; he looked confused as the elevator door opened. "I... I have to go, it was nice meeting you." I said quickly as I grabbed my bags once again and rushed out the doors. I ran down the hall to the door which had my name and the other girl's name stuck to it, as soon as I saw it I dropped one of the bags. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the key, I slid it into the lock and turned, click. I twisted the doorknob before pulling the door open and hastening inside and closing the door. I leaned back against the closed door as I breathed hard, I looked down at my hand, it was the same as always but it sure didn't feel the same anymore. I could feel a tingling sensation spreading from my hand to the rest of my body, making me feel warm.

"Are you ok?" A girl's voice asked and a head popped around the corner of the wall, "My God, darling, you look gorgeous!!!" The girl said with a radiant smile, and to be honest the girl looked like a model. She had long dark brown hair with the most stunning green eyes I had ever seen in my life, she was wearing a pair of sweatpants that said Georgia down the side and a blue t-shirt that had 'I Love NY' written on the front while her hair was tied up in a messy bun.

"Uh..." I started to say thanks but she cut me off.

"Darling, you must let me give you a makeover before we go out to the big welcoming party! Did you know that Hogsmeade is considered the party house? I was so happy when I heard that this was my house! I was practically going to kill myself if I didn't get in this house." She exclaimed happily as she bent down to pick up one of my bags and carried it in for me.

"Thank you." I said gratefully as she carried my bag into the other room. "Um, you must be Oswin."

"Yeah, but most people call me Oz or Ozzi." Oswin said smiling friendly at me as she put down my bag and unzipped it and then started to unpack things from my bag.

I watched her for a bit, I was wondering if she was like this with all people, "Um."

"Oh my God! This is the most adorable dress ever!!! Where did you get it?" She exclaimed cutting me off again with an excited expression on her face. I looked over her shoulder to see a bright pink dress, it was short, stopped just above the knees and a belt went with it. I remembered who got me that dress, it was from my mom last Christmas and I had never worn it because it was so short, plus it was pink. Not exactly my favorite color at all, I preferred blue but I didn't want to hurt my mom's feelings.

"Um, my mom got it for me." I said quietly, I wasn't feeling very talkative all of a sudden.

"It's adorable; you have to wear it to the party." Ozzi said like she had made her mind up, "Oh, a couple of things you should know about me, I tend to party a lot and you will most likely be with me all the time."

"Ok." I said slowly, this girl had a ton of energy and I was beginning to like her.

"You have a perfect body and this dress will be the perfect one to show it off in! All the guys won't be able to take their eyes off you!!! What'd ya say??" She said holding the dress up in front of me and winked as she finished her sentence.

"I'm... I'm not really a party type of girl." I stuttered slightly as I looked into her eyes which were begging me to say yes.

"Oh, you're one of those more into books and learning type girls, huh? I know your type; you hate to show off yourself or to have fun at any time. Well, I guess you can stay here all alone then." Ozzi said lifting her chin up and looking away from me like she was very disappointed.

I watched her, and was reminded of how my mom had looked at me just before she had driven off. The look of disappointment, hurt, anger, frustration and sympathy all mixed together like a multicolored smoothie. Mom wanted me to make a new start here and for once I want to actually try it. I could start anew, well I could at least try to start anew but there was so much more to it than simply me being unsocial. It was going way back to the day I first met him, to the first time he looked at me, to the first time he smiled at me. This was me giving into the world; this was me bargaining with the world, if I started a new life, then would the memories of him go away? Everybody knows that the world doesn't make bargains, but maybe this time it will. If I want to start a new life here, then now is the time, not later, not tomorrow, not in 10 minutes. Now was the time, now. I looked at her with a feeling of determination, "When did you want to do that makeover?"


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BriBri ~ Thanks so much!

Sakura T ~ So many names! Lol, I am stuck between Chloe, Cherie and Jade!

Gone ~ Thanks!! My other story has a couple of more chapters, but I am kind of in a 'writer's block' at the moment for that one, so it will take a while. Thanks for all the names!! I have narrowed it down to Chloe, Cherie and Jade!
Published: 1/31/2013
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