A Dirge

Even angels cry.
I heard a church bell softly chimed,
And I looked out of my window,
Saw a million deathly people,
Stand in line,
I guess they thought that it was judgment time.

I saw the faithful on their knees,
While a man in dark attire,
Warmed them with the satire,
That he preached,
In ridicule of all that they believed.

I heard the slightest whisper in the wind,
It caused a small commotion,
Amongst those whose devotion,
Lies in vain,
As they stand to board the waiting gravy train.

I felt the morning sun burn through my shirt,
As I stood by the graveside,
Looking at the inside,
Of the earth,
And I wondered what my life was really worth?

I watched an angel descend from the sky,
A solitary raindrop,
Not too unlike a tear drop,
From an eye,
Now I know that even angels cry!
Published: 9/1/2014
Bouquets and Brickbats