A Dog End And A Brew

When the ego overrules the heart.
I got a bent dog end in my fingers,
And a half jug of brew in my hand,
I got the shakes like a man in a seizure,
And I ain't got the nerve to keep calm.
I got an urge to lie down and fade away,
Sometimes, I pray that the Reaper come soon,
Coz this bent cigarette and half jug of brew,
Can't replace the wrongs that I've done.

I'm spooked by the ghost of a memory,
That I just can't drink out of my mind,
It follows me round everywhere I go,
Sending cold shivers down my spine,
It torments me in my waking hours,
And haunts me while I am asleep,
And I can't help believing that the plain truth is,
That this memory of her will kill me.

I met her at a nightclub a long time ago,
We were introduced by a friend,
Well I'm sure sparks must have been flying,
Coz we hit it off right there and then.
But I wasn't loyal to her heart,
As my ego put my own heart first,
Before long I was back to my playboy ways,
Never knowing they'd leave me cursed.

So, barman, brew me another jug,
And light that old dog end for me,
There's one out there I need to get over,
Before my heart pounds its final melee,
It's fought with my ego for so long now,
They've argued their way through the bar,
And it's far too late now to make amends,
My ego has broken my heart.

Published: 6/3/2019
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