A Drunken Fool

We all do stupid thing from time to time.
Just a few words from a drunken fool,
Who lost his love to a night on the prowl,
He cries his tears from a broken heart,
And a memory full of wild remorse.

He didn't wasn't to lose his girl,
He thought that she would never know,
But, alas, the grapevine let it all out,
He knows now, it's his own fault.

Regrets now fill his mind with shame,
He's wondering what she'll do now,
He's lost for words and chokes back tears,
And finds it hard to face his fears.

Alas, this tale is sad but true.
I cannot think how I'll get over you,
It's my own fault, I know that's true,
I'll be forever sad and blue.
Published: 7/10/2010
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