Dreamland of Heaven

After creation of universe, God found his children were engaged in rat race and they perhaps lost their peace of mind. Here is a wish that every life should bless with anew hope that each day seems to be a refreshing birthday...
The more are shekels, more are the hopes,
Why icing on the cake, and desires are nourished by delays?
A mouth knows too much to demand,
This will swallow the whole world, I scared.

Our experiences are nothing than something unlike,
While time encounters the miseries of life,
Can we come up with our own destiny?
Or keep awaiting to bless us a morning shiny.

Are you not feeling the shelter of God?
To wish what have you been imagined,
Everything thy holy will afford,
But a rest will rest in His hand!

When will the dominants mingle?
To the orients and developing skies,
When will discrimination vanish?
When will rat race finish?

When will be the time that all unite,
Share their knowledge and will jump start,
Who will guide that needy innocent hands,
Want to go beyond the horizon high.

Tell me My Father when shall I enjoy,
A free trip of world voyage,
A pleasant smile on everyone's face,
That all Your children can feel Your presence,
Take me to that dwelling, the dreamland of heaven!
By Vaishali Satwase
Published: 4/4/2009
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