A Face from the Past

Sometimes a chance meeting can bring back many memories.
Today I met a face from the past,
She said hello, I was speechless,
It's been so long since I last seen her,
She hasn't changed, I was impressed.

I think, I managed to show a smile,
And if I'm correct, she smiled then,
I'm not too sure, it was hard to tell,
If that smile would let me hold her again.

I think back to all those years ago,
It was a time of reckless love,
When we'd get drunk and fall into bed,
And never think of the future to come.

Without a plan, we drifted apart,
Took separate roads on life's highway,
And I must admit, I felt sad then,
Almost as much as I feel sad today.

Between the years that divided us,
So many things that we never shared,
Dreams evaporate into the mist,
And all too soon they disappear.

There was so much that I wanted to say,
But words were lost to a silent sigh,
Maybe the years haven't been so kind,
And broke the love between her and I.

And I wonder if she feels as I do,
In melancholy thoughts from the past,
Ancient memories lost in time,
Among the shadows yesterday casts.

And should I say my fond farewells,
Or welcome her with an open heart?
Are we prepared to go through it all again?
Or should we leave our love in the dark?
Published: 6/6/2012
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