A Figment of My Imagination..

I see you in my dreams every night yet I know
That what I see and feel is only my subconscious
Forming that man I wish existed only for me

You are perfect, the person that you are to me
Perfect, that's really what you should be
In reality, even if you were, I'd never know

You really could be the one I wish for everyday
You could very well be my knight on a white horse
So why do I still feel as though you don't exist

I've imagined your voice, your touch, your breath
Yet I cry because I'm filled with false hope
False hope of what my life could be with you

If only you felt the same, if only you knew me
Maybe my feelings wouldn't be one-sided
Or maybe I'm just filled with what appears to be lust

Filling me up, until I have no more hope left
I feel as though I'm tearing myself apart
For a man who seems not to exist, and who can easily
Tear out my beating heart.
Published: 5/12/2009
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