A Friend In Need!

Friends! Nothing more to be said...
A friend in need is a friend indeed,
As the popular saying goes;
Someone who is always there,
To help you with your woes.

I've been thru life a fair way along,
And many things I have learned;
There is nothing like forever friends,
One day all bridges shall be burned.

So to all those of you out there,
A warning I send loud and clear;
Beware of having friends aplenty,
Most will never hold you dear.

'Tis but a brief passing phase,
In each and everyone's life;
A friend will move on from you,
Causing a whole lot of strife.

And before you think me bad,
For saying things about friends so dear;
There are one in a million,
Who will always keep you near.

I have moved on myself,
From many a friend in the past;
For reasons that seem so petty,
I wish I had made them last.

So choose your friends with care,
For a happy life to lead;
Remember and act on the saying,
A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed!
By Edward K.
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