A Friend Lost

I've lost a friend and all just came out of hand and now I'm friendless... who can be a friend?
How my friend?
That you have sent
A letter to me
Not of a spree
But a curse to be...
Oh... how could I flee?

How I wish you never met...
Oh... how I stray from a feet...
When you told me that blast
I just have to get out from my past...
Go, to bring a letter and a rose
From your heart, and I opposed...

It ruined the former me
And a friendship to be ...
You angered because of my fear
I cried because no one's near...
I wish all was never done
Because I crashed, than be done...

See how I longed for you my friend?
I wish this letter I could send...
Even though you hated me
And swore you wouldn't forgive thee...
I still hoped for that friendship
So that even for a while you get down from your queen-ship

You've changed me for the better
And let me came up to be bitter
You have seen my true self
And have protected that weak elf
Spoke words of cheer
But still thrown loads of beer...

Wishing you back my friend
To see what happened and tend
I've changed to my worst
And have already burst
Hated by all my friends...
And even hated myself until the end's...

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Published: 6/30/2010
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