A Friend!

For the bad and sorrowful times in my all friend's lives, I am there if you need me!
On days when you feel down and out,
All alone and sad, ready to pout..
On days like those, a friend you need,
And that friend is me without a doubt!

May the memories of laughter shared,
Be enough to brighten up your day
And if that itself is falling short
May my presence keep unhappiness at bay.

Sorrow and grief I can't drive away,
But sorrow and grief I can share..
A smile on your face I hope to bring
This to God is my earnest prayer!

So when sorrow and grief come acalling you
Remember all the friends in your life
One among them you'll surely find
Who can help you with your strife.

And if you look and none can find
Don't be disheartened and lose all hope
For I will always be there for you
To help you live, to help you cope.

Wherever I am I'll try to help
Be it by action, thought, or deed
Anything to bring back the smile
To see you happy; anything indeed!

What use is a friend I say to you
Who can't stop a friend from feeling blue
So remember each time you are sad
I'll always be there to make you glad!
By Edward K.
Published: 11/16/2010
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