A Friendship So True

This poem is an exceptional piece that I have written to every single person I have befriended! Hope you enjoy it!
Smiles, chuckles, and giggles with you,
Have been the ingredients of a friendship so true.
Love, honor, respect, and loyalty,
Creating a kinship for all eternity.

And as I look back upon my youthful past,
You’re there alongside me, making memories last.
And in the darkest hours, you attend so dear,
Unconditional support, you are always near.

Two of a kind is what we are,
Devotion and love is never far.
A ray of sunshine your face displays,
You’re my friend for life your heart relays.

No distance between us, we’re never apart,
Best friends forever, you’ll remain in my heart.
Your secrets are safe in me, you trust,
A friendship like ours, should be made a must.

Moving together towards the future we walk,
Companions we are, a treasure bound by a lock.
The older we get, the clearer we see,
That our friendship will last for all eternity.
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Published: 10/23/2013
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