A Girl Named Danny - Chap. 1

Danny was born with the problem of looking like a boy she could never wear girls clothes because they never looked right on her. But then her dad made a medicine allowing her to be a girl for 2 hours.
Once upon a time there was a girl named Danny who was ill-fated with the voice, look's, and appeal of a boy. Her hair was black and was short and disheveled in a cute way. She had hazel eyes, and thick eyelashes. Sometimes Danny couldn't really believe she was a girl. Her dad never let her wear girls clothing all her life. Since she never had a chest, a period, nothing! She never looked right in them. This is the story of Danny's twisted life.

"Dad I'm leaving" Danny said leaning on her dad's desk. "Okay, hey Dan!" her dad said grabbing on to her hoodies sleeve. "Yeah?" Danny said turning around. "I know in your condition that life will always be hard for you, people won't understand your dilemma. So don't try to make them okay Danny?" her dad said staring into Danny's eyes. "Dad it's cool maybe I can use it to my advantage! even though I can't go into the women's bathroom, and stuck in a locker room filled with half and full necked boys. So yeah dad it's just peachy so let go. I'm going to be late to practice!" Danny said snatching her sleeve away and throwing on her hood.

Danny ran outside and started walking on Main Street when she heard a honk behind her. She turned to see Penelope in her Mercedes "Hi! Danny!! Want a ride to school since you have soccer practice early!" she squeaked. Danny sighed "sure Penelope I'd like a ride, but I told you before I'm a girl" "Danny! You're gay!!" Penelope said shocked. "Ha! No I'm straight Penelope" "oh good, so you can't say you're a girl Dan, cause you're a full-fledged boy!" she said pulling into the school parking lot.

Penelope looked at Danny "you're going to the dance right?" "Yes?" "Well do you have a date to it yet?" "No?" "Will you go with me?" Penelope said blushing. Danny looked at her and couldn't help laugh at the fact that everybody at the school thought Danny was a guy, even though the doctor said otherwise." Sure. It could be fun Pen!" Dan said getting out the car and smiling at Penelope "what's your dress color?" "Dark green" Penelope smiled. "Do you like pink?" "I love it!" she said getting out to. "Okay see you later!" Dan said walking off.

Danny entered the boy's locker room with her eyes closed, she didn't open them till her best friend Ben Calworth, poked her flat chest. "Dude! Your getting more mussels, I think I even see a six pack coming on!" Ben said smiling. "Man don't touch my chest I told you that many of times!" Danny said pushing Ben away from her. "Man stop acting like a girl with the "I'm fragile stuff!" man up!" Sadly yes even Danny's best friend didn't know she was a girl.

"I'm going to go outside first okay?" Danny said Ben nodded his head with his towel around his neck. Danny walked out with a sigh looking up at the sky when she heard someone calling her. "Danny! Do you have a second?" Danny turned around to see Jennifer the head cheerleader "HI" Danny said feeling her cheeks go warm from the cold. "Do you hate me?" she said holding her ponytail over her shoulder looking worried. Danny smiled "No I don't hate you Jennifer I actually think your really amazing!" Danny said smiling down at Jennifer whose face went on fire "r-really? What do you like about me?" she mumbled "Well you put so much effort into cheering I like watching you jump and do flips in the air, you look so graceful like you were born with wings.... You have got yourself many boys in this school who would love to take you out on a date, because I know you know this Jen, but you are very pretty!" Danny said laughing

The guys started to come out of the locker room "oh! I got to go now Jen I'll see you around okay?" "Wait!" Jennifer said grabbing Danny's sleeve "Yeah?" "Um ...will you go out to lunch with me today?" Danny laughed "sure. Then maybe I can see a smile instead of you looking worried okay?" "Yes!" Jennifer said running away.
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Published: 6/1/2011
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