A Girl Raped On Her Wedding Night

This is about a girl getting raped at her wedding night.. Please let me know if I should write further
The room was bright with light which were hurting my eyes, there was noise coming from the window as doors were closed. Noises of people moving around, settling in, laughing all mixed noises was coming. The people and the house had not slept for many nights but it was expected from the house of the groom to be married. Now the wedding ceremony and the other rituals were over and here I am waiting for my husband and my wedding night. The scene looks like one from 70's Hindi movies but it was 2009 and I am not a heroine, only a newly wed girl waiting to be a woman. I am waiting for husband who was a stranger to me 3 hours ago but now is my husband. Well, even in Mumbai my husband shouldn't be a stranger to me, but he is due to the circumstances of my marriage. I am oldest daughter of my parents I have 2 younger sisters, we are from a middle class family. By the way I am 26 and usually at this age girls are married with a child also but that was not the case with me. I had different guys coming for my marriage but some of them I had rejected and some rejected me. So when this guy comes from well-balanced family the only son. My parents started the pressure which was first subtle and then reminders that I had other 2 sisters waiting for me to get married. I had no problems with the guy because I didn't know him before that I insisted meeting once before rejecting or accepting but this time my parents asked me to trust them so I did. And here I am married to a stranger. But I was hoping that we will spend the first night in understanding each other as I "HOPE" he wants to know me also.

I know I have taken a risk, but it had to be taken, now to go away from these thoughts I scan the room it's a small square room with a double bed in between and opposite bed a cupboard. To the right side of the bed a small table is there with a tale clock showing time as 01:15. To the left side there is a small window which provides a view of building compound which is decorated. I am tired of sitting in the same position for this much time but I cannot do anything else, I start thinking what if I go out and ask for my missing husband. How shocked the family would be, smiling, I loosen my saree and remove some of the heavy ornaments. I just stretch on bed for some time and sleep turns me in don't know for how long.

I wake up suddenly when a rough hand is caressing my thighs; I tried struggling but no avail. I try to see the guy but it is dark in the room, and the saree I had loosened was nowhere to be seen. I was in my blouse and my petticoat which was bundled at my waist and I was naked beneath. Those hands were touching me and I wanted to scream but I don't scream. I smell whiskey on the guy so he was a drunk and suddenly I feel pain in vagina, I try to push him but he is stronger than me and he holds my hands. I am helpless to do anything, he kept on hurting me, I keep on crying but I know there is no one to help me. After a lifetime it's over and the figure moves and sleeps beside me and I am too shocked and hurt to move. I feel violated and cheated and I also know that the reason I did not scream because my mind knew that I was being raped by my HUSBAND.
Published: 3/5/2009
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