A Glimpse of Hope

Life is worth living, if one goes through different situations and comes out as a winner. This poem is all about living positively with a glimpse of hope...
A hope of light I foresee,
Too far but just a glimpse,
Try hard to catch through,
But every time it seems just an illusion.

Will it transform into reality?
I wish, my wish be heard,
Want to bring my smile back,
And the blessings, a life can unfold.

Being blamed for unknown reasons,
Yet survived all possible ways to know,
The reasons that are the root cause,
Why do I return empty-handed all the time?

Just want to overcome these obstacles,
Just want to face life's challenges,
Because everything in life happens for a reason,
Just a glimpse of hope unknown...
By Asmii Vernekar
Published: 10/6/2012
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