A Happy Loner

Loneliness does not always mean dejection. The experience is exhilarating when solitude is not forced by circumstances but a personal choice.
Aloneness can be fun!
It gives you the very essential,
Personal space,
An infinite expanse to live within.

Ironic to the situation,
Is the state of mind;
Where thoughts are not solitary,
But accompanied by myriad reflections.

A place to let your soul free,
Where you introspect.
And also try to be composed,
When it's time to retrospect.

You are all free and on your own,
No hand to lend,
No shoulder to lean,
Yet everything set to your tone.

At the same time
Nothing to lose;
Nor a thing or a beloved,
Journeying ahead all alone.

You don't feel sorry,
Since it is your chosen track.
You know what not to expect,
And what will never set you back.

Thence, a feel-good experience,
When one chooses to be so:
A happy loner...
Experiencing a world of your own,
Even when....ALONE!!
By Dr. Maisie M
Last Updated: 12/28/2011
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