A Healing Heart

I wrote this poem when I finally found the love of my life after feeling that there was no chance for my heart to love again. I wrote it for my lover in order to tell him how I felt.
My heart was broken
For I foolishly gave it away as a token
To prove my everlasting love
Was pure and beautiful as a dove

It was scattered into pieces
Seeing the memorable places
Where it always felt happy
Like a little puppy

It was filled with hate
Always ready to recriminate
Lost with no hope
Finding it difficult to cope

It was so scared
Knowing previously no one cared
It learned to build walls
With great big empty halls

Then you came along
Saying it's alright to be strong
Hold on to what remains
Beautiful life that rains

Slowly I started to understand
It's ok to accept a helping hand
Someone to be a guide
A company on a bumpy ride

With you by my side
I learned not to hide
But to learn from my mistakes
Not hold on to what shakes

It was time to heal
Believe in what was real
Take care of my heart
And let my past depart

Keep my heart safe away
Giving only my soulmate way
Handed over to love, protect and cherish
But never to perish

I now give you my all
Not afraid to fall
Surrendering to your love
Thanking the heavens above

I request you now
To let me openly avow
You are my heart and soul
Together we are whole

I love you very much
With every single touch
Hope you feel the same
And realize this is not a game
Published: 3/8/2008
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