A Heart So Full Of Love

A poem about the man who stole my heart for the last year and I doubt I will ever stop loving him.
A heart that beats rapidly,
Palms so soft and wet,
Caresses that make you melt,
Each little thing that is shown to you,
Just makes the sun and moon rise on your heart.

Never once making it hurt,
Like before,
When waking up would just make my heart weep,
Leading to false smiles,
As well for true tears to be shed away from other's eyes.

Yet no more need to be shed as of right now,
Things move on and grow,
Hurts become soothed by the lines of life,
Things become lost and everything has changed.

But through it all,
Feelings don't change so much,
Only reactions from people do,
Yet never once has his reactions to me been unloving,
His body reacts without him wanting to.

He's easy to read because he fears to show who he is,
The more this happens,
It only shows more of what he doesn't want to be shown,
Yet never once am I disappointed with him or who he is,
Never could I be,
He is the reason my heart is so full of love!
Published: 6/29/2012
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