A Hoax?!

At the end of it all...
Moon and stars were threatened by heavy thunder.
The rocking sounds shook the huge boulder!
Lightening marked outline to the black cloud.
It was as though sky was under a shroud!!

Morning and noon were no better.
Scary sound and lascivious light made the sun shudder.
Darker than darkness were those bright hours!!
Hopeless was the desire to view the arch of colors.
Rainbow’s vibgyor was too wary to appear!
"Sun shall not show," it was ready to wager!!

Gusty wind with wicked hiss was ‘loudly’ heard.
All these tantrums and no downpour were indeed weird.
Roads and highways bore a deserted look.
Animals hooked together in some nook.
Birds’ clusters tried perching on the smallest hook!

Wind’s evil hum was getting eerie by every moment.
The dust on the road zigzagged like a long serpent.
Voices within the four walls expressed concern and despair.
Nothing much could be done but to sit and stare.
It was well past midnight and not an eye dared to even wink!
Racing hearts and numb heads were preparing to sink!

Few hours and heard was cock-n hen’s wake up call?!
Emergence of sunrays puzzled one and all!!
Rain which was to follow could have caused immense loss.
But, unpredictable is the ‘Nature’ and so are its laws!
Published: 11/28/2011
Bouquets and Brickbats