A Horrific Night - Chapter 1

A horrific night that changed a thought of someone's mind.. Read it to know more!
Before I continue with my story, a brief introduction of myself. Hi, I am Bella, I am a student at East wind High School. I like reading, reading would include stories, as in ghost stories. I read them for fun, and not because I believe they exist. GHOST like things don't exist. But here is something that changed my understanding about the paranormal.

The sun shined bright outside my window, trying to peep in and wake me up.


Bella's POV

The alarm on the phone goes on "So glad you came" ( my favorite song). I wake up to it, in a hurry to dismiss my alarm. While dismissing it, my faint vision goes on the time of my cell phone.
*Holy Shit* 12.30, I say out loud.

I hurry up to the washroom, freshen myself, and head down to the dinning hall.

I examine my house, it's empty not a soul to be spotted, I push my phone out of my side pocket in my jeans, and dial my Mom's number.

I hear a hello. I reply: Hey Mom! Where are you? And where is everyone at home?

She replies with a flattering tone, "I am so sorry hun, I left a note at the side table, I bet it did not catch your eyes."

I reply, "Well yeah, it apparently did not, but it would be appreciated that you left me a text saying that you guys had your own plans. Anyway mother, ttyl." I hang up the phone.

**Dialing Steff**

(Stephanie is my Best friend, she and I have done a lot of shit together.)

Steff on the other line: "Hey sweetheart, Please don't tell me you have just woken up."

Me: "Hey you, Well yeah, I did. Ha ha," we both giggle. So I say, "wanna hang out, 'cause my mom left me home alone on a Sunday."

Steff: "Why not, what are best friends for? I'll be there in 10, be ready."

Me: Yeah cool.

I hang up the call, I grab orange juice from the fridge and gulp it down... BEEP, BEEP goes the car horn, it must be Steff I say to myself, and glance outside the window.

Steff: Hurry up you lazy ass. I take the house keys, shut everything including the lights and close the door.

I slide into Steff's car and hug her, and I say to her, "What are we up to now."
She says, "Well I have a surprise for you."
"A surprise!" I exclaim!
"Yeah, a surprise," she answers back.

We drive our way to a house, a wrecked house, dilapidated to its core. I look a little weirdly at Steff, she looks at me and says, "What? I thought you like the Word ghost!"
I smirk, "Yeah I do. But it's for Fun, and come on Steff Ghost, extra paranormal things do not exist and you know that."

She says, "Well they don't exist for you, but for me they do."
"Grow up Steff, Geez girl your still immature."
She hits me on my shoulder, looking a bit offended at what I said to her, *Ouch* I react to it, what's with you?

"Well Bella since you don't believe in Ghost, let me dare you to spend an entire whole night at this place. But before you accept the dare, you daredevil. Let me tell you a story, a real story that has been passed on since generations."
*Sigh* "Well go Steff, you have my ear," she smirked, and it was devilish, for some reason it sent a cold chill down my spine. We drove to the subway and sat and ordered, while waiting for our order, Stephanie started, "Well my little daredevil, here you go."

"There once lived a couple at that place. They were newly married. It hadn't even been a week since the marriage, the couple started arguing. They were always involved in heated arguments which didn't seem normal to everyone else, specially to their parents. Because they were regarded as the most loving and caring couple by all. No one had a clue, why things had changed. So the couple's mother decided to stay back and talk to the couple.

When the mother spoke to them, she felt a weird presence in that house, a presence in that house. It felt like someone was looking at her. She asked the couple why had things gotten so-complicated between them. The answer was strange, they said that they were clueless about the stuff that was happening with them. It was like they were being controlled by someone. The mother was a little taken back and she suspected something strange and told the couple to move out from that house as soon as possible. It was nearing dark, and the couple told their mom to stay back for the night and to leave early in the morning.

The following night something happened. As the mother lay asleep, she was awakened by a strong foul smell. As she sat up on her bed, wondering what could cause the smell, she saw her daughter standing at the bedroom entrance. She found it difficult to see it properly, so she put on her spectacles and turned on the light, and that was it. The look of her daughter's face was evil, she stood there holding an ax in her hand, soon she stood on the bed and slaughtered the mother to death. When the husband came in, she turned around and flung the ax on him, it hit him on his head and he died on the spot. Then she hang herself through the ceiling and took her life too.

It is said that, on a full moon's night she roams around the house and if you cross the path, YOU ARE DEAD," Steff said it with an intense voice that cause eruption of goosebumps on my body.

"So Bella are you ready to spend a night with a ghost?"
"Steff, shut up! There is nothing okay! And yeah, well I am ready!"


To be continued...


Dear Readers,

Well this is my 1st story, I'm writing. I'll continue the rest in my next chapter, only if you guys like it. (fingers Crossed)
Should I continue ?
Yes, please continue, your story is interesting.
No, a big no.
Published: 3/12/2013
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