A Horse with No Name

This is a poem that I would like to make into a children's book.
A horse with no name
Whispers into my ear,
He tells me about many things
The wind, the rain and the many years.

The wind that blows so strong
Making the trees dance to-and-fro,
The rain tumbling to the ground
And sometimes even the snow.

He tells me of the moon and the stars
The blue sky up above,
He has seen so many things
The blue birds flying and even a dove.

He tells me of the bright blue seas
The soft sand on the beach,
The fish, the turtles, the dolphins
And even the great whales so far out of reach.

I whispered back
You need a name I fear,
I named that wonderful horse Jake
From the corner of his eye I saw one small tear.

He whispered one last thing into my ear
As the tear streamed down his cheek,
He said something very special to me
In my heart these memories of you I will keep.

Jake galloped away from me that day
The wind behind him and the ground beneath his feet,
The sun setting in the distance
I know one day we will again meet.
Published: 11/17/2011
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