A Letter To Death

Anyone who has undergone depression or is suffering from ADHD understands how suicidal thoughts can at times be overwhelming. For this reason, I wrote this letter, To Death.
Hail King Death,
Am sorry for all the times I wished you'd stop my breath,
For all the days I wished you'd come faster,
When I prayed for you to be my Master,
Because this life seemed so hopeless,
And everything was a mess.

That night I cut my wrists,
Willing myself to bleed to death,
I longed for your embrace,
This life no longer to face,
How I cursed and clenched my fists,
When I woke up to the Doctor's efforts to nurse me back to health!

Remember that April I failed my Arithmetic paper?
And walked in the middle of the busy road,
Willing the oncoming cars to knock me dead,
How my wishes evaporated like vapor,
When no vehicles came!
I only stood there cursing, lame.

Sorry I never realized life had a bright side,
That there indeed existed the proverbial happy end,
True was the famed light at the end of the tunnel,
Sorry I took so long inside the dark life's funnel,
Crushing all my hopes and dreams,
And all my life became dim.

The stars are shining down,
The moon is bright across my lawn,
My tears of regret and frustrations no longer fall,
Hope is screaming across the hall,
I take a deep sigh of relief,
A new faith born, I believe.
Published: 3/10/2018
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