A Letter To Jesus Christ

I love you Lord Jesus.
There are so many prayers that I would like to ask from You. One of these is to seek help for my friends, relatives and family who are in need right now. Guide them with their problems so that they may become strong to face every challenges in their life. Show them Your infinite love so that they may also love the people around them, and that they may spread the beauty of Your Words, for those people who have lost their paths.

Lord Jesus, bless all the people in the world, especially the poor. Protect them from all forms of abuse and guide their leaders, so that they may set good examples for them. Instead of taking advantages from their authorities and powers, they may know how to respect, love and support their people. Teach them to love one another, stop terrorist activities, and killings of the innocent people, especially the children. Let all people live without fears in their hearts and minds. Open up their minds to see the truth and make them realize that doing good things toward their brothers and sisters is a rewarding act in heaven.

Lord Jesus, bless the whole world, as many people have already died in natural disasters. Perhaps they are not aware or they have not protected well their environment. And maybe, they have not learned to value our Mother Earth, as Your people need more patience, understanding and guidance. Bless the earth, Oh Lord Jesus. Protect all Your sons and daughters from the disastrous natural calamities.

And for my personal intentions, give me more strength and power to carry on with my plans in life. Help me to speed up the processing time of my I-140 visa application since 2007, so that I would be reunited with my friends, relatives, siblings, and parents in the US. Bless my loving wife to make her strong in our relationship, for we are a thousand miles away from each other. Keep her safe and give her a good health. For this, we offer ourselves to You, as we put You as the center of our love.

As I travel along these hard long roads of life, guide me throughout my journey. I know I am weak without You. You are the food that I take, the water that I drink and the air that I breathe. You are everything to me, my Lord. You are my life.

I love you so much, Oh Lord Jesus, from the bottom of my heart!

Love Always,
Published: 6/27/2013
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