A Little Bit Of Goth

A Gothic tale of woe and regret.
Within a shadow of sinister thought,
Tangled memories collide,
Buckling beneath the weight of a romance,
Lost to vanity and pride.

She loved him once but not anymore,
And she has blood on her hands as proof.
Now she flees with one eye over her shoulder,
Knowing that he's in pursuit.

In the distance, a flicker of light is luring,
The whispered voice of sanctuary calls,
With the promise of escape...
Yet, still further into darkness she falls.

Tears, blood, and roses of black.
Caress her mind with velvet night,
Her dreams, haunted with dark regret,
Scream their elegy to her plight.

Strange feelings run her spine,
Confused sensations that chill the bone,
She knows now that the end is near.
Because the flickering light has gone!

She feels his breath as she used to crave it,
Warm and sultry, filled with passion.
She cedes herself to his command,
And feeds the wind her caution.

And now they spend their time together,
Cloaked in darkest black,
Smothered by the cold, cold earth,
Destined to nevermore look back.

Published: 1/5/2019
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