A Little Sweet a Little Bitter

Thanxxx SOOO much 2 all da ppl who encouraged me!! U guys r gr8!! Luv u all!!:):):) Here's another one . . . its really short. . but. . something truly from within. . .plzz comment!!
A little sweet, a little bitter
An inevitable feeling so strange
Undefinable and unfathomable
Without warning it gracefully came
A fantasy with no reason
A kind of blessing bestowed upon by heaven
Leaving no stone unturned
It stretched beyond the horizon of dreams
Unexpected but appreciated
What more could be possibly wanted?
Nothing holds beyond the onlooker's eyes
Lost in a soft memorable refrain
Reminded of the unshakable strain
Upon the strings of what beneath lay
In the depths of the soul that slept
In the mourning bodies of the morrow
Such is the power of the unmistakable say
Such is the power of the unmistakable love. . . .
Did you like it?
Yes!!!absolutely!!keep writing!!
Not bad. . kinda nice. . keep trying
Its just ok. . u cud do way better
Its bad. .
Published: 9/1/2009
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