A Long and Winding Wait

This is a story about the circumstances that the protagonist was in, as he aspired for a post of manager in a travel company.
'Thank you sir! Thank you madam! Thanks a lot for this opportunity to interview with you.' Praveen gave a broad smile and shook hands with all the panel interviewers. As he was walking out of the interview room, he was fully hopeful of getting this break. He had attended an interview for the post of Manager with a Travel Company.

"Phew"! Praveen breathed out with relief. "I hope this works out. It has been a long time since my wife Natasha has been laid down with Cancer," he thought.
He remembered that four years back, he had taken leave from his office to look after her. He had been so fond of her that he just could not leave her bedside. It was now time for her surgery, and he returned to his office for an extension of his leave. It was then that he realized that he would have to sacrifice his time with his dying wife as he had to rejoin duties at office... His boss declined further leave in spite of his pleas.

He remembered how he got back home and felt broken down. Natasha was not in a position to open her eyes to notice. As he looked upon her, her beautiful self and how jolly she had been all these years, he could not bear it any longer and decided that he will quit his office and take care of his wife.

At that point of time, he was left wondering about how he will be able to afford his expenses. He decided to pay the health insurance premium before anything! He was the owner of 2500 shares of "Incorporated Company Limited". He sold this for a good price and deposited the proceeds into the bank. Moreover, he also claimed the remainder of benefits from his office where he had served for seventeen years.

The subsequent time period found him depending on this deposit. Oh! Was the insurance of use when he really needed it the most?
"Hey man," was the advice from his colleague whom he met while taking a lonely walk by himself one day. "Why do you worry so much for your wife? You are a ''go getter'', and this must all be getting the better of you... Really, man, come back to office. Natasha can have her relatives looking after her."
Praveen looked heartbroken after this remark. He went back home and made dinner of bread and eggs for himself and his wife.
He gave her, her medicines and decided to go to sleep before he got more upset.

A couple of months passed this way. Natasha had her surgery and she seemed alright. Praveen was very happy and thinking of about how well she was recovering well. "I will return to a good office and bring back more money so that she can have everything," he thought.
The disappointing news came when they discovered that this illness required more advanced surgery and medical attention.
Their dream of a hopeful future was stalled indefinitely... Praveen proved himself as a very patient husband and looked after her with all the love and care that he could.

Slowly and surely, his hard work and patience paid off and Natasha was recovering. They went for walks and would often cry into each others arms.
One day, after dinner, he opened his mailbox, and found that the results of his interview had been sent. It read as; "You have shortlisted and the final selection will be communicated to you soon."

Whatever it was, Praveen was relieved that it was so far so good. He communicated this message to his wife and she was overjoyed.

It was a long and winding wait...

The next day Praveen received a telephone call from his new office and was told that he had been selected and should report for duties as early as possible. "All is well that ends well" was Praveen's grateful acknowledgement as he raised his hand in silent gratitude to God. He could not help thinking about all the places he and his wife will travel, in the near and far future.
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Published: 11/1/2012
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