A Lost Soul

Me when I felt I had no friends and no one to turn to...
What I was
I cannot be again
and what I am
I do not want to be

There is no other way
There Has Never Been
I have used my imagination
To give me hope
But now it is all gone
and I am alone once more

It Feels no different
than before
Always the outcast
Never Fitting in

Why should I Be like this
Why Should I try to live
when I just want to say bye
and die

So I take My Blade
That has tasted blood
many times before
I let the coldness touch my arm
wait till I know that it is there
and then I move it off
The Pinkness has turned Red
The Blood is dripping
And I know That I am Still
Alive When I don’t want to be
And I cannot Change That Yet
Is This Good?
You're Insane Man
Published: 3/13/2008
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