A Love That Will Last

For my wife, who puts up with my tantrums, and my animosity. I will always love her to bits.
I don't know quite how to say this,
Yet I swear that every word is true,
But every minute that I spend alone,
I spend alone thinking of you.

You're the only wish that I could hope for,
That one special promise in life,
The solitude and the sanctuary,
The comfort that keeps me alive.

You are my breath and yet you take it away,
And then put it back with a kiss,
When you caress me with your fingertips,
You stall my heart in a moment of bliss.

You are my ecstasy, you are my passion,
You are my fantasy, my dream,
You are everything that is beautiful,
From the ocean to the stream.

You are the forest that shelters me,
From the warm rays of the sun,
You are the candlelight that leads me,
When the darkness comes.

You are the melancholy of memories,
When I think back on what I'd lose,
Should my future die before me,
And I no longer have you.

So please don't ever leave me,
You know that would break my heart,
I love you now as I have in the past,
And I pledge a love that will last.
Published: 6/12/2015
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