A Marriage Made in Heaven

Love, Religion, Peace, Life, Hope, Belonging.
I love you she said to me,
And to the Priest,
She said I do,
He said,
You are now Husband & Wife,
We kissed,
As a cheer rang out through the Catholic Church,

On the Woodstock Road, in Oxford,
27th of August 1981,
It seems so long ago now,
But our love has only grown stronger,
We have no children,
We can't have any on medical grounds,
But please don't ask!
We have had many pets over the years,
Now we have a Cockatoo called Corker!
And two Dogs!

Thunder is the boy & Daisy is the Girl,
I think that they love us as much as we love them,
In a loving marriage you don't need children,
But sometimes it helps,
Our pets are our children,
Take care,
And may your marriages be as happy and long as ours.
Published: 11/23/2010
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