A Meeting with Fortune Teller - Part 10

The climax is here, but it's not the end yet.
The prince took the sword out of the case and gave it Liza. Everyone was confused.
"Here'' said the king ''I won't commit a sin by killing you but I'll make you do so by committing a suicide. YOU are going to suicide in front of everyone because you feel lost and weak and weak people don't deserve to live. Kill yourself so that you can't even go to heaven. I won't let you have the pleasure.''

Liza took the sword and stared at it she was constantly being haunted by the fortune teller's words THE PRINCESS DIED AND SHATTERED EVERYONE'S HOPE---WHEN YOU WILL KNOW HOW TO DIE AND CHANGE YOUR DESTINY FOREVER YOU WILL BE BACK IN YOUR PRESENT---YOU HAVE TO DIE BUT IN A WAY WHICH WILL CHANGE YOU FOREVER. What was the change she was talking about? Liza thought about it and realized that the way she was going to die is the way the princess died. She got ready but there was something stopping her, she cannot be so selfish and die. She was doing what she did in her past again...she was being a looser but no she can't do it again no! But what about her present? She has to go back there yes! She will go back there.

Liza took the sword and everyone was shocked. There were tears in her eyes. Patrick was shocked. Liza had stabbed the sword in the king's chest. She was not a looser anymore. There were cheers in the kingdom. Patrick was in a state of shock. He was captured by the guards. Karla was crying she was crying the tears of happiness.
"Princess Alisiya, we are all proud of you. You have lived up to your father's expectation. We are now a free kingdom...a free ...oh am speechless.'' said Karla.

"It's all for this kingdom...all for them.'' said liza.
There was a wave of cheers in Zanaya. They were really happy. Zanaya was in her room looking at her reflection in the mirror when she suddenly got worried.
"What now? will I get back to my present?....will I have to live here for the rest of my isn't me I can't live here anymore.'' she said to herself.
Published: 2/8/2011
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