A Meeting with Fortune Teller - Part 11

Major suspense....
Liza was in a state of confusion she had to reach her present but how?
'The fortune teller ' she said to herself ''yes she ....she will help me. But where will I find her?'' humph!

Liza stood up and started running in search of the fortune teller. She was very tensed. She herself didn't know what was she doing? Then she went in the forest and started searching for her. Then suddenly, her foot slipped and she went down rolling and hit her head with the rock and felt very dizzy. That's when the people from the kingdom came to search her and found her lying in a pool of blood. Karla got worried and sat next to Liza and said, ''Princess...princess don't close your eyes. You will survive I know. You're the're a winner..yes!"

'What did you say? Say that again'' asked Liza.
"You're a winner''
Liza beamed at Karla and said, ''You know's the first time someone called me a winner. Now I can die and Karla I want you to take care of this kingdom.....goodbye and long live Zanaya''
Those were her last words. There were tears in everyone's eyes. Liza closed her eyes.

Liza was back in her present. It was like she had just seen a dream. She was there from where she has the museum.
She looked at the time machine and smiled maybe it was a dream.
Just then her friend enters in and says, ''Hey, Liz thought that you're gonna spend your whole day here. Know what I was searching for you for half an hour and here you are exploring a time machine.''
"Am sorry but it's more of a dream machine.'' said Liza.
Was it really a dream or something else? To know that stick around for next chapter.
Published: 2/10/2011
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