A Meeting with Fortune Teller - Part 12

It's the end of the story, but it's an important chapter.
So Liza and Alice walked to Liza's home. As Liza entered in she tried to ignore her father as she didn't wanted to hear him calling her a looser once again. So she headed towards her stair when her father said, ''What happen? Won't you tell me how much fun you had dearie? C'mon you work so hard all day.....spend a minute for your father.''
This was surprising for Liza. She said, '' Um..I just feel tired that's all. I'll be back after an hour and tell you everything.....Alice c'mon up.''
Both Liza and Alice went to her room and Liza was beginning to think that what she thought was a dream is more than that so she asked Alice,'' Hey, Alice do you remember my meeting with the fortune teller the other day at the mall?''
"Mall? C'mon when did we go to the mall. We were so busy for the last two days planning the part you gotta throw for getting an award from high school for making it to the top.'' said Alice

"Oh really? Think I forgot.''
Alice waved liza goodbye and went home. Liza went to her room back again and opened her cupboard to get her clothes but what she saw was shocking. The top shelve of her cupboard was full of awards and medals that she had got for academics. She took one of the trophies in her hand and pinched herself to make believe it's a dream but it wasn't her destiny was actually changed. So really everything had changed. Her past and present both.
Liza turned back and saw the fortune teller standing there. She went closer to her and asked her what was happening with her to which the fortune teller replied, ''I told you the day you'll change your past it would change your destiny. You know you never would have been a looser if you would have made right decisions in your life. So for that I took you to your past. You made a correct decision and your life has got a kind of makeover. How is it now?''

"Fantastic, but how did you do that and why did you do this for me?'' Liza asked
"Cuz I couldn't see you paying for the mistakes that you did in your past. So I asked god to let my soul down and give you a chance to change your past and am so proud that you did, you did''
"That means you're an angel? Yes, and know what I've always believed in god I didn't see my mother but I believe she's looking over me as an angel.'' there were tears in her eyes.
"Liza you, you recognized me?''
"Mom! How could have I not recognized you. Please stay.''
With that her mom smiled and vanished. Liza knew she won't come back but now she was even more sure that her angel is always watching her.

Years passed and Liza became a successful person everything of her life was changed. She is a winner!
If you ever loose hope remember that its only your self-confidence that's gonna take you long way and don't forget to make right decisions in life!
Thanks to all my readers, Mahak, Felica, True and Kritika.
Published: 2/12/2011
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