A Meeting with Fortune Teller - Part 2

Fortune teller's sayings are becoming true.....what do you think? Leave your comments.
Liza was sitting in her bedroom and having a cup of coffee when her phone rings. She picks it up.
"Hey liz its Alice here."
"Ya , say"
"What's your plan for tomorrow?"
"Go to high school and study."
"You're so boring and that's why I've got something boring for you."
"I've got a ticket for the local science museum for you insisted me on going there, so I thought I should take you with me."
"That's good we'll have fun."
"We''ll have fun."
"Ya whatever...see ya"
"See ya"

Liza puts the phone down and lays down to sleep.

Liza wakes up the other day and gets ready for high school.
An excited Liza walks to her friend Alice and says, " I can't tell you how happy I am today Alice."
When the school got over both Liza and Alice walked to the local science museum. Liza was so happy to be there and Alice had a total opposite view about the museum.
"Hey Liz look there popcorn's...ummm...let's go." Alice said
"No you go I'll check out the museum." Liza replied
"As you say go ahead and meet me back here only."

Liza goes ahead and looks at all the things kept in the museum then she sees a gate and moves forward.
"Go at your own risk" Liza read the sign and said to herself "maybe there's something interesting I should go and check it out."
So Liza opens the door and enters a dark room..nobody was there..she gets scared. She moved forward and looked at something which resembled an old-fashioned flying machine. She looked around and then sat on it. Then she pressed a red button on it to see what happens. Suddenly the machine started moving and everything went blurred she was going back in was a time machine!!!!!

Liza wakes up and find herself in a forest she remembers everything whatever happened with her she was a looser and how she went to the museum and sat on a time machine and now she was in the middle of nowhere.
Liza looks around and sees if she could get some help. Then she sees a woman wearing clothes of what a servant of a royal princess would wear coming near her. As she came near her Liza said, "Excuse me" and then the lady cuts her off and says, " What were you thinking? You would leave us all like that to die and you'll escape easily and live your life. Oh what a shame are the princess of our kingdom and the only one who can save us but see your father trusted a looser....a looser!" Liza was confused and said, " See you are mistaken am not any princess now please tell me how to get out of here...I mean where's the airport."
" what's that! Stop talking rubbish and let's go to the palace before the chief knows what you have done....he'll cut you in half then."
So now Liza got a clue of what she is or what she was but she wasn't sure.
Published: 1/22/2011
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