A Meeting with Fortune Teller - Part 3

Things are getting dissolved for Liza.
The lady takes Liza to a palace. The very first glimpse of it makes Liza astonished and then the lady says,''Now quietly go in your room from the secret path.''
"Now what's secret path...and how do I know where my room is?''
"Clever girl ha! You're not gonna give up pretending that you're not the princess but you cannot change your face come with me I'll take you there.''
The lady takes Liza to her room and says," Now take these kind of clothes off and wear your clothes princess.''
Liza looks at the room confusingly while the lady leaves her room. Then a man enters in and says, ''Princess, how was your walk?"
Liza looks confused cuz she don't have a clue on what to say, ''Umm...look Mr. Whoever you are I am not any princess and am just don't know who I am but I don't belong here..Mr."

"Mr. Patrick...that's my name ...look princess I know our kingdom is in a situation from which any mighty king would be afraid of...and you're still a little princess and you've suddenly got this task of saving our kingdom but whatever it is you're here to fulfill your father's dream..he believed in you don't break his trust.''
The chief's words were touching and he left the room leaving an impact on Liza and she thought, ''maybe am not the princess or anyone here but I certainly feel that am here for a purpose and there must be something for me and why I can also be a princess.....oooo that's cool now''.
Liza changes into a beautiful princess gown and takes some rest. She fell asleep but her sleep was interrupted by a knock on the door. Liza stood up to open the door and the chief (MR. Patrick) was standing on the other side.

"Princess, everyone is waiting for you in the royal hall. Hope you remember how important today's day is." the chief said.
"Yes, I ....I do." she replied.
Liza got to the royal hall and everyone's gaze was at her. She got nervous.
"So, princess hope you've decided whether you want to declare war against the Kingdom of Lavania or not." said the lady.
"Yes I have ....but I want your opinions too." said Liza.
Liza listened to everyone's advice and got to know that she is the princess of zanaya and her father got killed in a war against Lavania their enemy. Lavania again possessed a threat to them and now it was on her weather to declare war or not. she understood the matter and said " I've made my decision."
"So take the oath princess" the chief said.
What do you think Liza's decision would be?
Published: 1/27/2011
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