A Meeting with Fortune Teller - Part 4

Liza meets the fortune teller again and takes a major decision.
"Are you ready princess.'' said one of the ministers.
"Yes, ....I princess Liza of..." She began and was cut by the chief.
"Princess Liza? What are you saying princess Your name is Alisiya don't you know that?''
"Am sorry...I princess Alisiya take a pledge that i will fight till my last breath against the kingdom of Lavania to save Zanaya...thereby, I declare a war against Lavania.'' she declared.
Long live Zanaya was in the air and Liza liked how she delivered the first ever speech of her life.

In the evening Liza was looking at her new room carefully and was feeling trapped as she was missing her real life where she was Liza and not Alisiya. Then the chief enters in and says,''Princess, the horsemen is ready and the people in the fair are waiting for you are you ready.''
"Fair? Ohh..yes am ready.'' She said hesitatingly.
She got into the carriage and when she reached the fair everyone was looking at her and there was a shower of flower on her. She was feeling like a celeb and she got happy. She looked at different things in the fair and then something caught her eye. It was the fortune teller, yes the same she met in the mall. She told the lady whose name was karla and she was her caretaker that, ''I want to go to that fortune teller Karla.''
"But why ?''
"Just like that you wait here. I'll go by myself.''
Karla was confused.

Liza entered the fortune tellers room and the fortune teller closed the door and sat on her chair and said,''Welcome Liza ...sorry Alisiya.''
"So now I know you're the reason i am here. I hate you. Tell me how to get out of here tell me..'' Liza screamed at her.
"Alright I'll tell you ......look i told you a moment will change you and your life and that change will be brought by you. The day you will realize who you want to be, where you belong and you'll be ready to change your destiny'll be back to your life.''
"Stop riddling me and be clear.''
"Look is a riddle and the day you'll solve it you'll be back to a much easier life which you'll be proud of. Now I guess I have given you enough of clues. Best of luck for the war.''
Then the fortune teller disappears.
Liza was now more confused than ever, but all she knew was that now she had to accept that she is in her past. And she'll have to complete it to reach her present.
Published: 1/27/2011
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