A Meeting with Fortune Teller - Part 5

War has been launched and now the looser Liza is haunting her past.
Before beginning a special thanks to my readers for appreciating it....thanks Felicia and true.

Liza got very tired after spending a whole day in fair. Now she realized that it's not so easy to be a after the whole day's work she got to sleep.
In the morning when the sun had not even completely risen Liza's sleep was broken by a continuous knock on the door. She woke up and said to herself, ''What the hell, now I'll have to wake in the middle of my sleep after a whole day's hard work.''
She angrily stormed out of her bed and opened the door. Ms. Karla was standing at the door and the look on her face was a sign of something bad.
"What happened?'' asked Liza.

"A lot. The forces of Lavania have launched an attack on us. Their warriors will be here in any minute get ready quickly princess.''
And without listening or saying another word Karla went away. Liza was tensed as she had no experience of a war and what if she was asked to fight ? Will she be able to survive?
So Liza got dressed up and went to the ground facing the troop.
"This is the moment this....'' Liza was speechless she didn't know what to say ....she was clueless. She looked at everyone and realized that her mistake can take the life of hundreds of people. She remembered about her looser fate that of which she was sure would've followed her even in her past. She got afraid and without a thought she ran away from there. The guards followed her up but she ran too fast and they couldn't hurt the princess. She hid herself in the forest.
She was being a looser again.
Published: 1/31/2011
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