A Meeting with Fortune Teller - Part 6

How can Liza be so foolish? Figure out and tell me what the fortune teller actually meant.
Liza was hiding behind the tree when suddenly she saw the fortune teller there. She called her up and the fortune teller looked back and grinned. Liza went to her and said, ''Look, I don't remember if I ever hurt you but if I did sorry. Now please get me out of here.''
"No sweetie, you have never hurt me but there are a lot of people here whom you've've shattered them and now you are doing it again.'' the fortune teller replied.
"Doing it again...what I don't get you.''
"Guess you don't remember your past. Well, nobody does but me. So to make things clear and give you an important clue for your riddle am gonna tell you a story.''
"See I don't have time for stories...''

She was cut off by fortune teller who said, '' Neither I have to tell on. But sometimes the stories aren't just fictional , remember everyone has their own story? Now listen to this carefully..'' she began '' Once there used to be a kingdom ruled by a mighty king. The king didn't have any son but a beautiful daughter who was young. Once the king went on a war and never came back but his chief brought a message with him which said that the king's last wish is to make her princess the ruler of the kingdom. Everyone was shocked as the princess was young and had no skills to fight or no mind to run the kingdom. More than that the princess was shattered to loose her father. There was a war...a war in which the princess died killing the hopes of everyone . How she died is on you to find out but remember the day you find it out and the day you change it. Your fate will change forever.''

"I got it the king is my father... I mean the past father. The kingdom is of zanaya and I am the princess and the day I'll die like how I died earlier would be my last day here..yes! so now all I have to do is to just go back, fight, loose and it?''
"You know what not only your fate has made you a looser but also your mentality has done it for you....and when that'll change then your fate will change.''
"Ahh! How can someone be so puzzling. You can write a riddle book yourself.''
"and you can write a book on how to be a looser-past, present and future'' then she vanished.
Her words were hard hitting on Liza but now she knew or she thought she did how to get back to her present and that's by dying.

With that Liza went back to her palace. Everyone was looking at her angrily and she said,'' I am sorry...I was just nervous.''
"Just're sorry. Well for that am sorry princess cuz I brought your father's message to you. I could have been sensible but no I trusted you and so did everyone. Do you realize that when you were nervous our whole kingdom could have been destroyed? You don't and you never will. Cuz you are a looser. A looser.''
The chief said angrily.
Liza wanted to cry because she has never heard anything like this before in her life. Fisrt the fortune teller now the chief. Then her present dad. She wanted to die soon.
Published: 2/2/2011
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