A Meeting with Fortune Teller - Part 7

A war is on. Then there's a traitor in the Kingdom of Zanaya. Will Liza find out who he or she is?
Liza was sitting in her room crying gently. Then she stood up and went to search the drawers. Then her gaze went over to a flower vase. She picked it up and went to the bathroom to break it so that no one would hear the noise. She came out of the bathroom with a piece of broken sharp glass and sat on her bed. She looked at it carefully and thought of cutting her nerve. Yes! she was thinking of committing a suicide and return to her present and then she heard a sound of a bell ringing. It was so loud that it hurt her ears. That was nothing but a sign to get ready for war the war. Liza gently looked out of her window from a corner and saw everyone rushing here and there. She was worried but now she didn't care. Just when she was about to cut her nerve a thought struck her mind...the story and the words of fortune teller haunted heer mind again and again. She remembered she had to die like she did before or whatever. This was no way of dying. And then she thought about the hopes of people. Who was she lying to everyone here or to herself. She gathered courage and opened her wardrobe and got ready for the war.

Down in the battle ground both the troops were facing each other. The king of Lavania got down his horse facing the leader of troops of Zanaya and said, ''So here you are again sir to loose your life. Oh...where's your princess? She very proudly decided to launch a war and get the kingdom and pride back that her father lost few years ago.'' The leader was speechless. The king Aaron 2 of Lavania was grinning when suddenly a strong female voice called from the back of the troops of Zanaya. There from the middle sitting on a white horse, dressed in a warrior suit was Liza or should we say princess Alisiya. Aaron's smile seemed to fade. Liza came forward and shouted war!!! Her voice was so powerful that everyone was amazed but it filled the troops with a new confidence. The war was on. There were swords , blood everywhere. Liza was high on spirit. She didn't knew herself that the sword fight training she once took for her dramatics club would prove so helpful to her.

Liza ran to a safer place and sat down exhausted. Then she heard some whispers from the back of a wall. She moved a little forward and from behind a bush she saw 2 men talking to each other. One of them was some minister from lavania and the other person's back was turned to her side.
"Thank you,you have been very helpful to make our condition strong in this war and here is your reward.'' said the minister and handed the other person a some gold coins.
Published: 2/3/2011
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