A Meeting with Fortune Teller - Part 8

Liza has been betrayed. The kingdom has nearly lost.
Liza was desperate to know who the man was? She leaned forward but it was vain. Just then the other man spoke,''Thanks a lot. But I'll get my true reward when the kingdom of Zanaya will cry the tears of blood. It will be defeated...that..that would be my reward.'' the voice was familiar but Liza couldn't recognize who the person was. But she couldn't have wasted more time so she went back to the war. The condition Zanaya wasn't good. They have lost a great number of soldiers. Liza was now being aimed. But she was powerful. Liza was going on with the fight when she came face to face with the king Aaron 2. Both of them were fighting. It was the point where the victory would be decided.

Liza cut his arm. But the king was strong he cut through liza's face. Her chin was bleeding and this was her first experience. Now she was under the sword of the king lying on the floor hanging between life and death, past and present. The king grinned and said, '' So, how does it feel princess. Look at your kingdom for the last time and make your last wish or I'll give you a chance. Stand up...stand up.'' she stood up and then the soldiers of Lavania surrounded her. The king said, '' Patrick come!'' Liza was confused for a while but soon she was clear that Patrick is the traitor. Patrick came forward and smiled. Everyone was shocked. Karla was angry. "Why? Why Patrick why?'' shouted Karla.

"This is why-'' he pointed at Liza. "She is the reason why I did so. 10 long years I served the king a slave. I was ready to give myself to save the king of Zanaya. But what did I get? This stupid girl became the princess of Zanaya in just a minute and am still here a chief for name. This is why... this is why I wanted to kill her, kill her!'' shouted Patrick.
Liza was speechless. She was betrayed. Now she understood why Patrick was forcing her to get into the war. She didn't knew the history of her past but the present of her past was not good at all.
Published: 2/4/2011
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