A Meeting with Fortune Teller - Part 9

Hey this is really interesting please read and comment and it isn't the last chapter there's still more to come.
After knowing the truth of Patrick Liza was in a state of misery. The war was over. Zanaya had lost!
"So Alisiya, look who's the winner again? Hehe! Um- so your whole kingdom has lost and they are going to suffer heavy casualties. They'll have nothing to eat for a few days, they'll cry...some will die. Many of them have lost their dear ones but what did you loose? Nothing. Or just the trust and power? Or you've got something?'' asked the king
"what do you mean?'' asked Liza surprised.
"You've got something, you've got a chance. See you'll never get your power back now and that's all. But I can give you a chance to return what the people of this kingdom have lost. Yes, I can. Just look at their faces and think if you can get a chance to return them some happiness.''
"How can I do so? Tell me? How?''

"Ok all you can do is or should I say all you've been left with is your life to give right? So give it. You look confused Alisiya. Let me make it clear for you. You die here in front of everyone...with my sword and except you've lost and I promise you this kingdom will be ruled by the one you wish to rule but this kingdom will still be my territory. Clear?''
Liza was stunned. She was not able to think anything. On one side was her own life and on other there was an entire kingdom. But then she realized she was in her past and that's how she must've died before. The riddle is solved she thought. She put a smile on her face and said, '' Know what? You were right I've got nothing to loose not even my life.''

"That means you are ready to be killed by me?''
"No'' said Karla ''No you are still our princess. You can come back to power again we'll support you. Don't please don't''
"I can never come back to power again. Am a looser yes. I don't want any of you to be hurt more. Please this is an honor to die for you.''
The prince took his sword out of the case and---.
This isn't the last chapter be ready for more.
Published: 2/7/2011
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