A Meeting with Fortune Teller

A new story of a loser who copes with her bad luck.
Lisa walked down the aisle of her mansion. She was rich but not lucky. Her bad luck followed her like her shadow the difference was she was unlucky even in the dark. Lisa was a big loser in her life but that wasn't in her destiny but in her manner. She gave up too easily so obviously she was a grown up loser.

Lisa entered her living room, "Good morning dad how's everything?''
"Fine" her dad replied. Her dad didn't like her so much because her mother died when she was born and her dad considers her unlucky. Lisa always tries to please him but her bad luck doesn't let her do so. Lisa is so unlucky that she hasn't even seen her mother's photograph.

So Lisa walked away from her father and got in her car to reach her high school. As she reached her high school she smiles at her friend Alice.
"Hey Liz how have you been ?" Alice asked
"Just as usual sad, lonely and unlucky...a loser!" Liza replied
"Aww common cheer up and guess what we're going to trends mall after will be fun!"
"Yaa...but you know I hate shopping."
"Oh! Ya..but we'll still have fun"

When the school got over both Liza and Alice went to a mall for shopping. Though shopping is not Liza's cup of tea but there was a dress which caught her eye. She went near the dress to look at it when suddenly Alice came from her back and said, " hey Liz see there's a fortune teller over there let's go and ask her our future."
"No Alice , it's of no use's quite obvious what my future is right.. I'll stay a loser forever!"
"Just shut up Liz, c'mon let's go there."
Alice pulled Liza over the fortune teller counter and made her sit there.
The fortune teller looked at Liza strangely and said, " Ok Liza so are you ready... And you my dear girl (she said to Alice) please wait outside."
Liza was surprised and asked, " How do you know my name?"
"It's all over your face."
"Your lying if your so powerful then you should have known Alice's name also."
"Some people are special."
"But not me."
"That's what your future holds for you my girl...your gonna discover the real meaning of your life and your life is going to change forever."
"The real meaning of my life is, am a loser and that is never gonna change."
"That's what you are mistaken for my girl...its"
Liza cuts her off and says " It's rubbish ... I don't believe a word of it."
Liza storms out of the room when the fortune teller stops her.. "You don't believe me now but you'll need me one day."
Liza ignores her and goes out. Alice looks at her and asks, " What did she said."
Published: 1/22/2011
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