A Memory Of You

The dark despair of a break up.
You offer the ripples of the rainbow's arc
To try to patch up the dark,
But I shun your ghostly advance,
Like a primordial phantom of romance,
Holding flowers that no longer spark.
The flame has been dowsed,
The candle no longer burns.

I feel your presence in the spirit of a memory,
A refugee from yesterday,
Rummaging through pages of manuscript,
Learning the lines of epitaphic script,
For a walk on part in my passion play.
Martyred on the gallows of your scorn,
I'm destined to die all alone.

Just leave me with my thoughts,
And I will die with my reasons intact,
I don't need your sympathy,
I have all I need in my memory,
And I'll cry when I want at the facts,
And reach for the pills when the time comes.
I will not martyr myself to your love!

Let me decompose and fade away
And I will die with dignity.
Burn out, burn in don't spread your disease,
A little less enthusiasm if you please,
To your contagious need for apathy,
Your uncaring form of control
Won't pray for my remorseful soul.

You're a mystical presence, no longer real,
Caught in the web of emotions I feel
Unfreed, incarcerated, trapped in my head
In a miserable memorium to death.
A decomposing vision of love's deal,
I played my hand and lost out to illusion,
The dreams of yesterday's confusion.

Images of the future hold nothing in their hands,
Optimism has died through failed romance,
And I can't see a future that will last,
For I can't live without the past,
But I cannot go back to rejoin your dance.
Are you happy now with the sorrow?
Do your tears stain the shadows on your pillow?

Crystallized tears are all that is left,
Fossilized imprints on an empty bed,
Implanted thoughts that grow their sorrow
To project their images among the shadows.
Your rainbow won't shine it's light, my friend.
So leave me be in the darkness of my room,
In the arms of a memory of you.
Published: 4/29/2011
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