A Million Years of Heavy Rain

A million years of heavy rain (biological diary). A memory can be so hard to shake.
It's all the little things that play around
With the recorded tomes of my memory bank,
Pealing pages of biological diary,
Perusing a past I would rather leave blank.

And I'm transported back through times dimension
To a place long ago and far away,
And I vaguely remember myself smiling
When I first caught you looking my way.

I was never a believer in love at first sight,
Until that night when fate took its toll,
I was intoxicated by the beauty I beheld,
Transformed in an instant, if truth be told.

My life changed then, I found devotion,
My love's enthusiasm knew no bounds,
In true dedication, I gave you my heart
In sacrifice and surrendered my ground.

I poured my soul into making you happy,
You drank from the chalice and drained me dry,
And as I weakened, while drunk on emotion,
You started to drift away from my side.

I knew I was losing you, but still I held on,
Dragged down a rocky road of turmoil and pain,
Bruised in my heart and beaten in spirit,
Chasing after a love I could never regain.

You cast me adrift on an ocean full of tears,
My broken heart mast couldn't hold the sail,
My spirit lacked the energy to fire up the engine
And I floated aimlessly on a lost, lonely soul.

Now I sleep alone in a cold empty bed
With only the midnight shadows for company,
And the empty dreams of the nothing that's left,
Save the pages of a biological diary.

I try so hard to merge with the shadows,
To lose myself in their dark dreary veil,
To fade away from that which is my memory,
And rid myself of this muse it entails.

I looked outside and it was raining again,
Seems it's been raining for such a long time,
But a million years of heavy rain
Could never wash your memory from my mind.
Published: 8/31/2011
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