A Moment Of Tenderness

Not everyone gets to realize their dreams, to some, the disparity of life is too much to bear.
There is a moment of tenderness for everyone,
But I must have blinked and missed mine,
So leave me alone with my melancholy thoughts,
As I try to remember some good times.

I think back and ask myself where did I go wrong,
All my dreams and inspirations have long since passed me by,
The future looks about as bright as a distant candle,
Struggling in a gale-force wind to keep alight.

But it's hope, and I cling to its solemnity,
With serious determination to touch the flame,
As the candle flickers on the distant shores of a memory,
Of a long broken promise that never came.

I keep peering around the corners of my vision,
Intently searching for a happiness that never was,
I don't want to find it hiding in the shadows of my past,
That gives me hope that my moment was never lost.

Perhaps the future holds the key to my salvation,
Perhaps my tender moment has still to come,
Perhaps the flickering candle is my omen,
So until I reach the flame, I'll soldier on.

But each day is becoming so much more painful,
Demoralized, I sit here licking my wounds,
Staring into the mirror, I watch myself aging,
While the candle wax melts slowly to the ground.

Time waits for no-one, I know that to be true,
But time it seems, doesn't want to heal my wounds,
It just makes my tender moment seem improbable,
Hidden within a mythical time that can't be found.

Like the candle flame, my thoughts keep changing shape,
Dancing in the shadows of despair,
Dizzying the heights of low morality,
I watch as the candlelight slowly disappears.

The flame is out and all hope has followed with it,
Leaving me behind in the blackest void,
Alone without a single memory of happiness,
It's time to leave this world, it's lost its point.
Published: 7/6/2010
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